Solving the many complex challenges of cities is creating the thriving Smart City market. The key issues come with the implementation, and scaling-up of Smart City initiatives.
BABLE offers services to facilitate implementation of smart and sustainable solutions in cities around Europe.
With our team of facilitators and network of hundreds of experts, we together reach your goal within the Smart City Movement faster and better.
BABLE Guidance offers an overview of our consultancy services and tools you can use, as a city, company or any other entity working towards projects improving our urban life.
The BABLE ecosystem is designed to support you with this process and to make your city develop its
own unique version of a smart city.

We do this through three main approaches:

We connect

As neutral experts we help cities lead dialogues with market players that offer products and services.

We inform

We provide all information around available solutions in a neutral and curated way – and we show how other cities have adopted solutions to their own needs and societies.

We guide

By handholding we guide cities through the entire process of designing and procuring solutions that are calibrated to their needs.