For Companies

Open the Smart City market for your offers

Sell efficiently

BABLE supports you in increasing your chances and finding your primary customers in
the Smart City Market. Boost your success rate and footprint.

Personalized Tender Screening

The Tender Screening provides you with customized notifications on open tenders fitting your company
offers. Our tool takes the information from the Products, Solutions and Use Cases you
are involved in on the BABLE Platform and matches it with open tenders.
The tool is available in the Toolbox on the BABLE Platform for a monthly subscription fee.

Develop a Smart City Sales Strategy

Get your solution into cities. Receive an analysis of primary markets for your offers.

The process is based on several years of public tendering analysis, statistics providing context and stated city needs. Find out who your primary customers are and how to approach them.


  1. Functional understanding of your offers
  2. Tender analysis (offer and demand matching)
  3. Analysis of context and current developments
  4. Focus Workshop
  5. Final Report

Develop a blended financing Strategy for your Project

There is an evolving spectrum of 5 categories of financing options for smart city projects:

  1. Government-based Finance Options
  2. Development Exactions
  3. Public Private Partnerships
  4. Mechanisms to Leverage the public and other private sector investments
  5. New Alternatives of Funding (e.g. crowd sourcing, micro-lending, Venture Capital)

We help you identify the most suitable financing plan for your Smart City project with European Lead experts on Smart City financing.