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A large proportion of the smart city business comes from public tenders. For many companies, accessing this market has proven to be difficult, since they need to find the right (often local) partners, specify joint innovative offers with competitive prices and interact with procurers in a targeted way – all within challenging deadlines of submissions. Especially for SMEs and start-ups, but also for large corporations, this process comes with high transaction costs and since results are uncertain many companies refrain from entering this market. Millions of EUR are left untouched through this - and what’s worse: cities do not procure the best solutions, but only those that manage to get through the process. With our unique network of Smart City solution providers and experts, BABLE supports companies throughout various stages of the proposal development.

Market Intelligence Reports

Understand the status quo and developments of specific smart city relevant areas.
Based on the knowledge of our platform, we create customized reports.


Consortia building for public tenders / funding

Kick-started by the European Horizon 2020 Smart Cities and Communities funding, the seeds for future Smart City
Developments have been planted. The project managers of both public and private sector have learned plenty
in the fields of technology usage, organization and delivery of these complicated projects.
Join them and innovate together to be part of this European movement.

As neutral and trusted expert, BABLE is able to interact with all players in the market in order to help them deliver the best solutions to urban challenges.