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Open the Smart City market for your offers

Get to know the market

Cities do not buy products – cities buy holistic integrated solutions tackling
their challenges and fitting local circumstances.
We are helping you understand the Smart City Market to interact and later
offer your products more efficiently.

Market insights and analysis

Customer analysis for your products

City needs analysis

Receive customized reports to better understand your customer group and their needs.

Smart City Training

We offer modular training workshops for your company to receive introductory, advanced or expert insights into the area of Smart Cities.

Get your employees ready to take action by providing two day in-house workshops.

The offer is modular and can be adjusted to your specific focus area. Receive a general introduction to the area of Smart Cities and customize your experience with the topics most important for your company’s success: Smart lighting, security, Nature Based Solutions, renewable energy sources, active transportation, autonomous driving and many more.

Each topic will be taught by a different expert leading in the corresponding field. The trainings are provided in cooperation with the Smart Society Academy and its experts.

Learning targets and contents are derived together with an international group of experts from research, industry and cities.

Three levels:

Introductory Smart City Training

Receive an introduction to Smart Cities and customized toppings as expert presentations with participant discussions for entry level knowledge

Advanced Level Training Workshop

Complex knowledge transmitted with practical examples and group workshops in blended learning formats

Smart City Expert Training

Gain systemic knowledge, hands-on experience and applicable results for your company in a 3-day expert workshop