For Companies

Open the Smart City market for your offers

Develop and offer strategy

We help you shape your offer to fit the complex needs of cities. Based on our concept of functional understanding, we help you package your offers into holistic Smart City Solutions that cities need to fulfill their sustainability targets.

Portfolio Analysis

Find out how your offer integrates into complex urban systems by understanding its functional
offering towards the public sector.

In the process you will learn who your potential partners are to team-up with, which (open) standards to
use and what functional interfaces your products have with other systems.

Smart City packaging Strategy

Package your offers to fit individual cities’ needs and what combinations make sense for you and your customers.
We analyse your offers based on the BABLE functional ontology to work out the best possible offers to cities.
The process will provide you with information about the functional interoperability with other commercial products/offers, including symbiotic and substitute products.
Based on the type of your product, international data and physical standards are analysed to determine technical interoperability including standards.
Result: understanding of the business opportunities, of the challenges to your offers, specifically in the smart city market.


  1. Functional Integration
  2. Technical Integration
  3. Intermediate Report
  4. Strategy Workshop
  5. Final Report