For Cities

Create the best individual version of your city

Get Ready

Prepare yourself to get the most out of your city
It is important for a city to follow a strategy as a clear path
- not to be pushed around

Write Strategy Documents

Vision Development and writing

A Smart City Vision defines the goals you want to reach as a city

Examples for existing Smart Cities


intends to become energy neutral by 2035-2045


wants to reduce private motorised traffic from current 28% to 15% by 2030


wants to be the first carbon neutral capital in the world by 2025


14,300 parking lots in public space were removed (a 9% reduction) between 2003 and 2011

We & te BABLE ecosystem can help you develop the vision for your city and translate it into measurable goals and underpin it with realistic KPI's, so that progress becomes trackable.
Writing Implementation Strategies and Plans

Implementation Plans and Strategies help you strategically implement the Smart City Solutions you need.

A good smart city strategy needs to tackle the urban transformation on four different levels in an integrated way:

Clean technologies & infrastructures (including connectivity and data)
New planning instruments – including design thinking, data platforms and living labs
Socio-economic strategies that harness the local innovation potential of companies, SMEs, startups, research and citizens
New urban governance approaches that cross-link departments, enable innovative financing schemes and facilitate strategic management of urban development
Core Elements:


Guiding Policy

Coherent Actions

We are supporting the development of the Brainport Smart District in Helmond, The Netherlands – planned to be the smartest district in the world by 2022.

Bundle your local resources

Smart City Developments are built on strong local partnerships. A community of innovators
and entrepreneurs is needed to come-up with solutions that help your city improve and thrive
– at the same time it needs the citizenry and the municipality as their representative to make sure,
money is spend in the best public interest.

Building strong local partnerships is not an easy task – it needs to balance different interests and goals.
External guidance and innovation impulses are therefore needed to set-up and manage
a local innovation ecosystem. We support you in identifying the right initiatives and partners to follow a
process of sustainable and long-term growth e.g. by organizing inspirational workshops with presentations
and by managing the process of local project development and implementation.

You can download a report we were involved in from SmartImpact here

Help yourself to help others

The city administration plays a crucial role and can do a lot to boost
the improvement of urban life.

The vast majority of Smart City Projects is cross-sectoral – involving
different departments and staff from many different backgrounds in your
city administration.
Efficiently implementing solutions requires an efficient organisation.

There is no one-size fits all solution but there are
generic governance structure that have proven to be successful.

Understand your strengths and weaknesses to pull the right levers

Full City Analysis - the Morgenstadt City Lab

Within CityLabs, the aim is to develop an over-arching systemic understanding of how the city functions.
Working in close collaboration with local stakeholders, the interdisciplinary research team uses quantitative
and qualitative methods to identify key challenges and areas for intervention.
Based on the findings, an integrated roadmap to achieve smarter and more sustainable urban development
is developed collaboratively with the city. BABLE as a spin-off from the
Morgenstadt Innovation Network offers the City Labs together with experts from Morgenstadt and Fraunhofer.

SWOT analysis for cities

For a smaller scale and rather quick analysis we offer a SWOT screening of your city, naming however not quantifying the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The analysis is based on workshops and interviews with experienced personnel from the city and relevant partners as well as a review of existing documents.