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BABLE CREATE – from global insights to your customized implementation

Once you have identified your needs and a first idea about potential solutions, we support a future proof smart city investment with the BABLE CREATE process. This journey builds upon our in-depth knowledge of hundreds of European Smart City projects and refers to established best practices for delivering your own smart city solution.

A BABLE process expert will support you throughout all the steps necessary until a customized smart city solution is implemented, helping you to prevent all kinds of pitfalls such as vendor lock-ins, calibration to local circumstances, lack of systems integration or unnecessary process related delays. The multi-step process has been developed based on the practical knowledge from hundreds of implementation projects. It includes facilitation of internal and external stakeholder engagement, market consultations, detailed planning and securing funding embedded in a long-term sustainable business model.

In any stage during this moderated process, you can take intermediate results easily towards decision makers, stakeholders or citizens and incorporate their input directly into the further development. The BABLE CREATE process and your personal BABLE process expert will facilitate your work with checklists, advice and guidance until the project is implemented. The BABLE CREATE Service is tailored to fit your scope, preferences and budget from the very start.

Procurement of Innovation

Public Procurement of Innovative solutions (PPI) happens when the public sector uses its purchasing power to act as early adopter of innovative solutions which are not yet available on large scale commercial basis.

European Commission

Basically you communicate your needs very early in the process to
a wide range of market actors and allow them to come up with innovative solutions.
As part of the process it is important to start on a small scale and assure
continuous innovation throughout the implementation and operation phase.


intends to become energy neutral by 2035-2045

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intends to become energy neutral by 2035-2045

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